Quiet Hill's Pool Refreshes in Many Ways.

Which is more fun…roastin or eatin…S'MOORES.

Swingin & Slidin…It's all good!!

NO…I'm closer.

Lil Red Barn has chicken coop, feed & tack rooms.

Chickens peckin, scratchin, crowin & ...

Layin EGGS!!!

The Observatory serenely overlooks beautiful valley.

Observatory draws birds so close you can almost touch.

Deer are faithful to eat corn morn & eve.

Rare Black-cap Vireo & Summer Tanager in one shot…Only at Quiet Hill

Pleased As Punch Painted Bunting

Masters Of The Air Are Everywhere

This Big Butter loves the red sage on the ranch.

Layout of Quiet Hill…Host home out of sight at bottom of hill.

Never know what nature may bring forth.

Our country roads are famous for wildflowers.