Quiet Hill Ranch is home to a large number of native and migratory birds and butterflies and offers wonderful opportunities for bird watching, wildlife photography and nature viewing in the Fredericksburg, Texas area of the Texas Hill Country.

Our unique Observatory has a 6' x 7' glass viewing area which allows you to see far vistas as well as up-close activities. Camera ports provide photographers a way to capture beautiful shots.Water bubbling out of a rock into pools, along with nearby feed and suet, creates a "Bird Spa" where the birds go wild! There are also feeders and a watering area for deer and turkey.

Take a walk to the Observatory...

The Observatory is fabulous for birdwatching, nature viewing and wildlife photography.

The most beautiful and rare birds are at your fingertips.

Male Painted Bunting
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Quiet Hill Ranch Photography

Black Capped Vireo
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Black and White Warbler
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Quiet Hill Ranch Photography

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